Feature Film / Science Fiction Drama

Writer/Director/Producer: Peter Koller
Status: Developement/Financing

You are no one. You don’t have a self, you never had one and you never will. And then you are born. You are born from mud into a cold, indifferent universe and grow up in the contrary belief of being someone, of having a personality, of seeing a familiar face in a mirror, of being in touch with the world and its other inhabitants through your senses. You are Tom. May. Bob. Clark. Paul. No one is.


Feature Film / Romance Action Fantasy
Writer/Director/Producer: Peter Koller

Supported by: Filmfund Vienna, Lower Austria / Filmfunding, Austrian Filminstitute
Status: Budgeting/Financing

Four singing gangsters, a writer and his beautiful Goddess: Burning kids, tentacled beasts, a bullet-proof dog, and the most bad-ass cops on their tails – a sugar-sweet lovestory, a wild romantic ride with unforgettable characters, a visually crazy eyecandy and an eulogy to imagination.

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Feature Film / Horror

Writer/Director: Peter Koller
Production company: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH
Status: Financing

A woman. A well. A pool of nightmares without escape. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to stay alive. Are you willing to pay the ultimate price for survival?


Feature Film / Action

Writer/Director/Producer: Peter Koller
Co-production company: featurefilmscout
Status: Financing

When the good cops are on vacation, the bad cops decide to clean up the town. Plus a little girl with lolipops.


Feature Film / Survival Horror Comedy

Writer/Director/Producer: Peter Koller
Co-production company: Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion GmbH
Supported by: Lower Austria / Filmfunding
Status: Released (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

ON EVIL GROUNDS is a visual return to the country of the spaghetti-western from the late 1960ies. Visually full of dirt and heat, a remote, rotten factory, brutal and filthy characters full of oddities. All this stirred up with wild cartoonish action in the style of Tom & Jerry and Tex Avery makes ON EVIL GROUNDS an unforgettably unique experience.

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