TV Series / Science Fiction / Political Drama

Created by: Peter Koller

Status: Developement
Production company: Spier Films

RIO TEN is the story of the Five, a group of astronomers from several continents, who discover an alien signal and get caught in the turmoil of politics, secrecy, surveillance and national security interests when fighting to unite humanity and act as a unit when facing the extraordinary consequences of Earth’s first contact with an alien civilisation.


Feature Film / Science Fiction Drama

Writer/Director/Producer: Peter Koller
Status: Developement/Financing

You are no one. You don’t have a self, you never had one and you never will. And then you are born. You are born from mud into a cold, indifferent universe and grow up in the contrary belief of being someone, of having a personality, of seeing a familiar face in a mirror, of being in touch with the world and its other inhabitants through your senses. You are Tom. May. Bob. Clark. Paul. No one is.


Feature Film / Romance Action Fantasy
Writer/Director/Producer: Peter Koller

Supported by: Filmfund Vienna, Lower Austria / Filmfunding, Austrian Filminstitute
Status: Budgeting/Financing

Four singing gangsters, a writer and his beautiful Goddess: Burning kids, tentacled beasts, a bullet-proof dog, and the most bad-ass cops on their tails – a sugar-sweet lovestory, a wild romantic ride with unforgettable characters, a visually crazy eyecandy and an eulogy to imagination.

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Feature Film / Horror

Writer/Director: Peter Koller
Production company: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH
Status: Financing

A woman. A well. A pool of nightmares without escape. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to stay alive. Are you willing to pay the ultimate price for survival?


Feature Film / Action

Writer/Director/Producer: Peter Koller
Co-production company: featurefilmscout
Status: Financing

When the good cops are on vacation, the bad cops decide to clean up the town. Plus a little girl with lolipops.


Feature Film / Survival Horror Comedy

Writer/Director/Producer: Peter Koller
Co-production company: Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion GmbH
Supported by: Lower Austria / Filmfunding
Status: Released (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

ON EVIL GROUNDS is a visual return to the country of the spaghetti-western from the late 1960ies. Visually full of dirt and heat, a remote, rotten factory, brutal and filthy characters full of oddities. All this stirred up with wild cartoonish action in the style of Tom & Jerry and Tex Avery makes ON EVIL GROUNDS an unforgettably unique experience.

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